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Join your organization to a growing ecosystem of people, projects and partners that are co-creating a thriving, regenerative planet.

About Regeneration Join the Regeneration Ecosystem

Before you can join the Regeneration Ecosystem with your group or organization, you need to join the Regeneration group as a member with this link. Once you are a member and you created your profile, you can create your own group within the Regeneration Ecosystem by taking the following steps:

1. Click on Create in the top left corner

2. Choose Group 

3. Fill in your group’s name

4. Change who can see this group

5. Change who can join this group

6. Make sure your group is a member of the Regeneration group

7. Click on Create Group

8. Go to Group Settings in the top right corner

9. Change your group Settings

Make sure you upload a logo and background image, create a description of your group with a link to your website and fill in your location to be visible on the map.

10. Add community Moderators 

Moderators have more advanced capabilities to moderate the community.

11. Invite people with your group invitation link

12. Join another Parent group or invite a Child group

You’re now part of the Regeneration Ecosystem! Yay!🥳

About the Hylo platform

We use Hylo to connect our online ecosystem and grow our collective impact. Hylo is a social coordination platform designed to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our planet. Similar to actual ecosystems, Hylo nests groups within groups, making each individual group an integrated whole and—at the same time—part of larger whole. This makes Hylo the only platform that enables collaboration across networks. Furthermore, in contrast to other platforms, Hylo is relationship driven—not profit driven. As a Tech Commons, Hylo is forever open source and free to use.

Hylo Slide Deck | Hylo video demo | More about Hylo