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1500 people removing 1500 Gt of CO₂ with nature

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The 1500 Club

Climate Cleanup is an entrepreneurial non-profit funded by members of the 1500 Club. Humanity needs to remove 1500 gigatons of CO2 to reverse global warming. With 1500 people we take responsibility for the removal of these 1500 gigaton CO2 with nature. The 1500 Club enables Climate Cleanup to work independently and autonomously on systemic climate solutions. 

Our common goal: removing 1500 gigaton of CO2 with nature.

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Launch of the 1500 club

In May 2020 we proudly launched our 1500 club in a online program together with Kate Raworth (Doughnut economist), Kirsten Schuijt (CEO of WWF Netherlands),  Joost Wouters (The Seaweed Company), Felipe Villela (reNature), Eric Matzner (Project Vesta), Maurits Groen (WakaWaka & Kipster), Willem Ferwerda (Commonland), Ruud Koornstra (sustainable entrepreneur), Sven Jense (Climate Cleanup), moderator Harm Edens and lots of other members and guests. We premiered the documentary 2040 Join the Regeneration.

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Who are in the 1500 Club?

The 1500 Club is by and for everybody: parents, entrepreneurs, investors, youth, decision makers and anyone else who wants to reverse global warming by regenerating nature. Together we pioneer in carbon removal accounting, seaweed, soil, plants, regenerative (agro)forestry, rock weathering and circular biobased materials. 

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1500 Club Members

Climate Cleanup is an entrepreneurial non-profit funded by members of the 1500 Club. Join.

Zlatina Tsvetkova
Roos Janssen
impact producer
Mark Aink
fire starter decade of action
Geurt van de Kerk

Benefits for members

Our 1500 Club members can:

  1. join all our events for free, like our weekly Double Nature Talks
  2. get a free copy of Drawdown in Dutch
  3. get a personal screening of documentary 2040 with family and friends
  4. invest in natural carbon removal projects
  5. be part of an international club of climate innovators.
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Current 265 Club Members (1235 memberships left)

Board of Non-Executive Directors
Intervention Team
Contributing Members
Maria Jense
First Member
Ronald van Oijen
global investments
Ultsje van Gorkum
Sander Geelen
Geelen Counterflow
Albert Fischer
faster, better, cheaper, greener
Ted van den Bergh
Transitiecoalitie Voedsel
Marije van Bommel
co-founder Teachers for Climate
Michiel de Haan
Sybren Bosch
Johan Doff
GP not practicing
Josh Cowan
Gerrit Schaafsma
Anitha Mugisha
Martien Kok
gold member

Current 265 Club Members (1235 memberships left)