Festive Masterclass on Climate Solutions

We are people reversing climate change, organized in the Climate Cleanup 1500 Club. On the 26th of May 2021 we celebrated the 1500 Club’s first anniversary with a Festive Masterclass on Climate Solutions. Materials and links are found here.

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Climate Solutions Masterclass

Dear friends, let’s celebrate climate solutions. We celebrated Climate Solutions, on May 26, with Paul Hawken, Damon Gameau, Roos and Ruud Koornstra and many other climate innovators. Harm Edens hosted the evening.

This is the time to not just talk about climate emergency and extinction, but to ACT and CONNECT on scalable solutions.

Over 20+ inspiring speakers shared their knowledge and experiences on carbon removal ☁️ ecosystem restoration 🌱 business models 💰 seaweed 🌊 regenerative (agro)forestry 🌳 enhanced rock weathering 💎 circular bio-based materials 🏗️ clean energy ☀️ and the power of stories and imagination 🌈



  • 20:00 Opening by Harm Edens with Climate Cleanup founder Sven Jense 👋
  • 20:10 Scalable natural climate solution regenerative (agro)forestry with Felipe Villela (reNature) and Danielle de Nie (Wij.land) 🌳
  • 20:20 Scalable natural climate solution oceans and coastal area’s with Eelco Leemans (Climate Cleanup), Joost Wouters (The Seaweed Company) and Marcel Kempers (Reef Support) 🌊
  • 20.35 Scalable natural climate solution materials with Sandra Nap (Holland Houtland), Marcel van de Peppel (Miscancell) and Marcel Beukeboom (Climate Envoy) 🏗️
  • 20.55 Scalable natural climate solution olivine with Eric Matzner (Project Vesta) and Liselotte ten Bosch (GreenSand) 💎


  • 21.00 Clean energy (Sustainable Development Goal #7) as an accelerator with Ruud Koornstra (sustainable entrepreneur) and Roos Koornstra (filmmaker) ☀️
  • 21:10 Localizing Drawdown Solutions with Roy Straver (Drawdown Europe) and Reindert Augustijn (Province Gelderland)
  • 21:15 Open natural carbon removal accounting (Oncra) with Tesla Minor students, Andy Dockett and Sven Jense (Climate Cleanup) 📒
  • 21.25 The power of Imagination with Matthea de Jong (director Tolhuistuin) 🌈
  • 21.40 Climate Positive Business with Janneke Leenaars (Interface), Maurits Groen (entrepreneur, Kipster)💰


Celebrating the 1500 Club’s one year anniversary

With this masterclass we celebrate the one year anniversary of the 1500 club; 1500 people reversing climate change. Together with many many others we create the new nature economy this decade and regenerate the world by doubling nature.

About the 1500 Club

Climate Cleanup is an entrepreneurial non-profit funded by members of the 1500 Club. The 1500 Club is by and for everybody: parents, entrepreneurs, investors, students, decision makers and anyone else who wants to reverse global warming by regenerating nature. Together we pioneer in carbon removal accounting, seaweed, soil, plants, regenerative (agro)forestry, trees and rock weathering. Take a look at the members that preceded you. 


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Anno Drenth
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Pascal van Eijk
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Freek Geurts
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Join the 1500 Club

Climate Cleanup’s 1500 Club works to implement regenerative climate solutions. If you want to help reverse global warming, you are very welcome to join.