Empowering a new generation to work on regenerative climate solutions

Photo by George Clerk

We believe that the movement to reverse the climate crisis will become the largest movement of the 21st century. But how do we empower a new generation to work on regenerative climate solutions?


1. Learn and develop

Everyone wants to make an positive impact and improve the world. But how can we really make a change? With reGeneration we crowd-source world’s best impact toolbox to help us do good better and create the change we want.

We can only solve our biggest problems when we unleash the potential of everyone

2. Do

There’s so much talk about problems, but not enough work on solutions. We are a group of doers. reGeneration is creating an online collaboration space where you can join existing projects and co-create new initiatives and solutions.  

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3. Community

To make life thrive and flourish, a supportive community is essential. reGeneration is a growing community that consists of changemakers that want to act, learn and grow together to work towards a regenerative and equitable world in which life can thrive.

Together we work on solutions.

This is you

You like getting your hands dirty (literally). You want to take initiative and leadership to work on solutions collaboratively. And most importantly, you want to be part of the most inspiring and fun club of people who work on regenerative climate solutions.

Together we create momentum.

Don’t miss out

Visit our online collaboration tool on Notion to explore what we’ve been doing and discover how you can contribute. You can help co-create this movement and become one of the founding members.