Double Nature

We are people reversing climate change. We remove carbon dioxide from oceans and the atmosphere. We double nature by fostering fundamental conditions for the regenerative economy.

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Climate Cleanup Foundation is an independent entrepreneurial non-profit funded by members. Together we pioneer systemic interventions to enable carbon removal on land, in oceans, rocks and constructions.

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We remove 1500 gigaton of CO2

To contain the climate crisis we need to remove 1500 gigaton of CO2. This happens to be about what is already stored by all plants and trees on earth. So to remove 1500 gigaton, we need to double nature. We reverse climate change by developing Nature-based Solutions and we foster fundamental systemic conditions for entrepreneurial people to flourish in the regenerative economy.
What we do

Double Nature

Fostering fundamental conditions

We foster the fundamental conditions for the regenerative new nature economy. Natural Climate Solutions can provide over 30% of the solution to reverse climate change, but receive not even 3% of funding. We are closing this gap by creating the conditions for entrepeneurial people and organisations to flourish.

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We do. RD&D are much needed for natural carbon removal, because potential is huge and largely untapped. We develop in practice as well as in our Natural Climate Solutions Lab. 

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We foster the fundamental conditions for people to thrive in the new nature economy.

Carbon removal accounting

Natural Carbon Capital Fund


We show the world what we want. We envision how beautiful the world will be in a new nature economy. We’re always fact-based: we show what can be done. And then we do.

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Left photo is a holm oak of more than 500 years in the Spanish Altiplano ; right, a holm oak planted 30 years ago. Please be realistic: planting trees is easy, but growing trees needs decades of ecosystem management, funding and patience #GenerationRestoration ⁦@AlVelAl_4R⁩

Soon online on our YouTubeChannel, the scientific and other presentations of the 4th #enhancedweathering conference on rocks taking CO2 from the air. We enjoyed @MEVorrath 's #sienceslam a lot =>
Don't be afraid of chemistry ! => #CDR

A new study that compared regenerative farms with industrial farms found that that regenerative farms grow healthier food.

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We work with a network of great entrepreneurial people and organisations. If you would like to join us, just drop us a line.