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We are people reversing climate change. We draw down CO2 with nature based solutions. We double nature and foster the fundamental conditions for the new nature economy.

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Climate Cleanup Foundation is a non-profit funded by members.
Together we pioneer in doughnut accounting, seaweed, soil, plants, trees and rock weathering.

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We remove 1500 gigaton of CO2

To contain the climate crisis we need to remove 1500 gigaton of CO2. This happens to be about what is already stored by all plants and trees on earth. So to remove 1500 gigaton, we need to double nature. We reverse climate change by developing natural climate solutions in actual projects and we foster the fundamental conditions for entrepreneurial people to flourish in the new nature economy.
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Double Nature


Fostering fundamental conditions

We foster the fundamental conditions for the new nature economy. Natural Climate Solutions can provide over 30% of the solution to reverse climate change, but receive not even 3% of funding. We are closing this gap by creating the conditions for entrepeneurial people and organisations to flourish.

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What we do



We do. Innovation needs experiment, therefore we pioneer solutions, particularly in seaweed and rock weathering. We develop this up to proof concept, so markets can take up what we start and grow in a distributed way.

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We foster the fundamental conditions for people to thrive in the new nature economy.

Carbon removal accounting standard


We show the world what we want. We envision how beautiful the world will be in a new nature economy. We’re always fact-based: we show what can be done. And then we do.

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Climate Cleanup
Double Nature Talk
Let’s Hemp the Climate
Climate Cleanup | 2 Oct 2020
Dutch people know hemp quite well, but not as much as a nature-based solution to reverse climate change. During our Double Nature Talk on October 7 Matej Prokop, the founder of the NGO Hemp the Climate will share his vision (more…)
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The Seaweed Farmers in harbor IJmuiden
Climate Cleanup | 28 Sep 2020
Surrounded by piers and yachts , the harbor of IJmuiden in the Netherlands hides a marvoulous shining pearl; the first seaweed farm of Nikki Spil. October 2020 she will be sowing her next batch (more…)
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The 1500 Club supports our work. We are 1500 people taking responsibility for the removal the 1500 gigaton of extra CO2 in our atmosphere, using nature based solutions. The 1500 Club is by and for parents, entrepreneurs, investors, children, decision makers and anyone who wants to double nature and reverse climate change.


We work with a network of great entrepreneurial people and organisations. If you would like to join us, just drop us a line.