Climate Cleanup

Climate Cleanup is a group of entrepreneurial people who reverse climate change by removing 1500 gigaton CO2 using nature based solutions. We foster the fundamental conditions for the circular doughnut economy.

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Executive Team, Contributing Network and Board of Non-Executive Directors

Roos Janssen
impact producer
Tijs Wilbrink
digital disruption
Femke Sleegers
Ernst van Zuijlen

Join us on May 27

On May 27 we launch with an online party our 1500 Club. Together we’ll watch the unique and uplifting climate solutions documentary 2040 – Join the Regeneration.



Climate Cleanup Foundation is an independent non-profit, established by entrepreneurs who actually take down CO2 from the oceans and the atmosphere.

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To build a blooming NatureTech sector we operate agile and lightly, in targeted partnerships and temporary teams creating systemic interventions.

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Nature Based Solutions

Natural methods can provide over 30% of the solution, but receive not even 3% of the funding.

video: Conservation International


Climate Cleanup
Sven Jense and Chad Frischmann in Dutch Parliament
Climate Cleanup | 17 Mar 2020
Date: March 12, 2020   On the last day before Dutch Parliament was no longer accessible (more…)
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Climate Cleanup
Seaweed Company Climate Entrepreneur
Climate Cleanup | 22 Oct 2019
Beautiful portrait of seaweed sea-eo and co-founder Joost Wouters as climate entrepreneur. (more…)
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