Carbon returns

We are entrepreneurs and funders who reverse climate change by removing carbon dioxide. We have decided to draw down 1500 gigaton CO2 using nature based methods, regenerating ecosystems, driving the circular bio-based economy and restoring the carbon balance. Read more…

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Executive Team, Contributing Network and Board of Non-Executive Directors

John Liu
ecologist, filmmaker
Tijs Wilbrink
digital disruption
Michel T Schroots
lawyer / partner
Hans Snel
Nectar Marketing


Climate Cleanup Foundation is an independent non-profit, established by entrepreneurs who actually take down CO2 from the oceans and the atmosphere. We drive the circular bio-based economy…

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To build a blooming sector we operate agile and lightly, in targeted partnerships and temporary teams creating focused interventions. This enables us to operate swiftly and swimmingly while having a maximum…

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Climate Cleanup
Climate Cleanup | 4 May 2019
Today we launched a petition to ask the Dutch government to declare a Climate en Ecological Emergency, like the UK government did on May 1st 2019, and because solutions are there. (more…)
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Climate Cleanup
Video portrait of Sven Jense
Climate Cleanup | 18 Apr 2019
Founder of Climate Cleanup Sven Jense was interviewed by MaatschapWij, an inspirational platform for a more social and sustainable society in the Netherlands. Watch the video-interview.
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Samen halen we 10 megaton CO2 uit de lucht. Doe mee met de gebundelde voorinschrijving voor SDE++.

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Take part in our plan to draw 1500 gigaton CO2 out of the atmosphere this century and restore the global carbon balance. Join or invest in Climate Cleanup business ecosystems, donate to support the foundation, and stay tuned.


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