1500 Club launched on May 27

A global audience joined our cheerful Club Launch on May 27, including many who have already joined the 1500 Club. Our online launch programme featured lots of entrepreneurial people who are creating the future we need and want, such as Joost Wouters from the Seaweed Company and Felipe Villela from reNature.

A large number of Climate Cleanup entrepreneurs showed how they remove carbon dioxide with natural methods, potentially at scale. A panel of expert guests completed the evening by giving a window on the new nature economy: doughnut economist Kate Raworth, director of Commonland Willem Ferwerda and WNF-NL CEO Kirsten Schuijt. At the end of the programme we premiered our Double Nature video, created by 1500 Club member Jeppe van Pruisen. Take a look at the Double Nature video and find the recording of the whole evening here.