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1500 Club members get to join our online community platform.

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Building an online community

So far we haven’t had an online space for the 1500 Club to efficiently collaborate and help each other. We’re changing that. We use the free-to-use and open source collaboration platform Hylo to do this.

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Explore the helpful Stream with all our projects, events, resources, discussions, requests, and offers.

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Find like-minded Members by name, skills & interests at the Members page.

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Discover other Groups that are connected to Climate Cleanup or the 1500 Club.

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Explore the Map to find members, events, projects, offers, request or groups near you.


Create your own discussions, events, offers, resources, projects, requests and groups within the 1500 Club.

About Hylo

Hylo is a social coordination platform designed to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our planet. Similar to actual ecosystems, Hylo nests groups within groups, making each individual group an integrated whole and—at the same time—part of larger whole. This makes Hylo the only platform that enables collaboration across networks. Furthermore, in contrast to other platforms, Hylo is relationship driven—not profit driven. As a Tech Commons, Hylo is forever open source and free to use.

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