Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting. The missing link between carbon removing innovators and carbon finance. Join our emerging ecosystem at www.oncra.org.

Removal credits based on ONCRA are available via www.onsets.org.

Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting

ONCRA stands for Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting. We are developing this as an open accounting standard and transaction rulebook for natural climate solutions, because it is a systemic missing link. We develop full carbon accounting starting from all Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and follow the principles of doughnut economics. Entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, philanthropists, economists, bankers, accountants, hackers and others are invited to join the emerging ecosystem at oncra.org.

ONCRA Knowledge Base

Everything you need to know about how ONCRA and Carbon Removal Accounting works.

Doughnut Economics

Doughnut economics, Kate Raworth’s ideas for an economy that serves human needs within planetary boundaries, is central in our thinking. We create the world’s first dougnut-based natural carbon removal accounting framework, as this will enable the businesscases of thousands and kick-start the new nature economy to beneft both humans and other life. We are a founding member of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition.

The Business Case for Nature

We’ve written in more detail about ONCRA on Medium.