Construction Stored Carbon – Add Case

This page is for developers wanting to add their project to a growing open database of construction stored carbon. The combined cases will be presented at COP 26 in Glasgow.

Add your case

ASN Bank and Climate Cleanup have created a financial metric for carbon storage in the built environment. If you are developing a biobased building project, you can help making our common case by adding your project here:

  1. Add a description (about 100 words) and picture to this document.
  2. Download free and open calculation tool (excel sheet).
  3. Enter your material list with weight or volumes in the excel sheet. If one of the materials used is not listed, choose the most similar alternative and make a note.
  4. E-mail the sheet to (add an EPD or other information on biogenic carbon content if you added new materials).
  5. We will review briefly and add your stored carbon to the construction stored carbon cases list. A repository of the calculations is made available here.

Disclaimer and credits
Climate Cleanup Foundation takes no legal responsibility for the quality of the data provided by developers or the calculation sheet. We do develop this open source and free for all to use in a collaborative process. Please e-mail any comments or ideas (or new material data with storage factors) to A big thanks to Bart van Valenberg who developed the model, with others, mostly in his private time. It is our team’s gift to future generations.

Everything is available under CC BY-SA licence.