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Doubling nature with biochar

Student and entrepreneur Marcel Kempers made an agile start of this decade, working with his companies on seaweed (Reef Support) and biochar (Pyro Power). At our Double Nature Talk of February 10 Marcel and his collegues elaborated on the latter one: regenerating soil using biochar. An ancient method used for centuries by indigenous people in…

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How Land Life Company doubles nature

Trees are great “tools” to remove carbon from the atmosphere, revitalize nature and tackle climate change. This is why it’s Land Life Company‘s mission to restore the 2 billion hectares of degraded land in the world. Land Life was founded in 2013 on the idea that a business approach and technology can drive

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Biobased building a way to double nature

  The benefits of biobased constructions are enormous. For people. For nature. For the climate. People have evolved in nature, in the forests and in the fields. Wooden architecture brings nature back into our artificial built environment. We start to feel better: invigorated, healthier and with an increased sense of well-being. As we know, trees

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How Africa Wood Grow doubles nature

Most people are starting their decade of ecosystem restoration right now. The Dutch foundation Africa Wood Grow has already finalized a decade of regeneration in Kenia. During our online Double Nature Talk of January 20 founders Roeland Lelieveld and Daniel Muvali presented the Africa Wood Grow regenerative farms near the Tiva river. How does Africa…

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Join the ReGeneration

We believe the movement to reverse the climate and nature crises will become the largest movement of the 21st century. But how do we empower a new generation to work on regenerative climate solutions? Our online Double Nature Talk of Wednesday 9 December 8PM CET explored this question together with Tijn Tjoelker (Climate Cleanup)

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Towards carbon drawdown in your region

Climate Cleanup as a co-founder of Drawdown Europe presented an update on Drawdown Europe during the online double nature talk with 1500 club member Roy Straver on Wednesday 18 November to find out what drawdown solutions exist and what you can do to support carbon drawdown in your region. To take a look at recording…