Seaweed Scaling Lab opened in Port of Amsterdam

Our seaweed lab is growing and growing. We started growing Ulva Lactuca (sea lettuce) with one basin from Hortimare (thanks!) and we completed our lab with 6 basins this week. Together with the port of Amsterdam, we’re aiming to scale up the growth of seaweed in Dutch waters and abroad. The Climate Cleanup Capacity of…

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CO2 Open is open

It’s no joke. Today we launch, in public beta, CO2 Open. An open invitation to entrepreneurs (companies, organisations) and initiatives that remove CO2 with nature-inspired methods to come together. Our first collective action is to secure funding from the Dutch government (SDE++, klimaat enveloppe). Next we will open up towards a global scale, as the…


A decision making tool that maps Climate Cleanup value chains and visualises your impact within the Doughnut Economy. Donometer is an intervention that grows out of a collaboration with the Digital Society School at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They perceived a gap between the research conducted and actual implementation of solutions towards reversing…


Dutch translation of Drawdown

Together with publisher Maurits Groen we’ve presented the Dutch translation of Drawdown. At the Dutch Sustainability Congres in Den Bosch Drawdowns head of research Chad Frischmann presented the 100 climate solutions of Project Drawdown. All the sponsors we’re invited on stage to celebrate the translation into Dutch. The Dutch translation can be ordered here.