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“Azolla” Bram working on the Sargassum Cleanup

One of our pioneer members is Bram Geers (33), also known as Azolla Bram. Raised in and around greenhouses with all kinds of cactusses (!) in the Westland in the Netherlands, Bram decided to study

 biology.   He was disappointed in the way most people looked at the climate problem during his study’s in the years until 2015. Like it was only a matter of CO2 reduction by only looking at technology being oblivious about the problems in the natural world and solutions it has to offer. At a young age he understood that regenerating nature would be necessairy to preserve life on earth.
Bram is working in environmental services and he’s one of the members of our Climate Cleanup Sargassum Seaweed Team. The team presented their research on the Sargassum plague in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean at our Double Nature Talk of January 13 2021. The team reported about possible value chains of the Sargassum Seaweed and presented insights on sinking it to the bottom of the deep ocean, serving as a carbon sink. If you would like to receive their report, send an email to linda@climatecleanup.org
And we still owe you an explanation about Brams nickname Azolla Bram. That’s because of the intreguing story behind this little plant that played a big role around 49 million years ago sequestering so much CO2 on earth, it changed the climate single-plantedly. We’ll ask Bram to do a Double Nature Talk around Azolla one day and share his dreams on plants like Azolla cooling the world. Join Bram and Climate Cleanup. Go to www.climatecleanup.org/club