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Second global conference on enhanced weathering

More and more scientists all over the world are doing research on all kinds of possibilities of CO2 removal by olivine and other minerals. We’ve organized on May 12, 1.30 PM – 17.30 PM CEST the second global conference to create an overview of the research and to bring the network together. An informal bespoke scientific…

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Festive masterclass on climate solutions

Thanks everyone for joining our festive online masterclass on May 26 on scalable climate solutions like seaweed, soil, regenerative (agro)forestry, circulair biobased materials, ONCRA and enhanced weathering. Take a look at the recording on our YouTubeChannel. Happy we had Paul Hawken (Drawdown / Regeneration), Damon Gameau (filmmaker 2040 Join the Regeneration),  Matthea de Jong

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Agroforestry and community building on island Utopia

The island Utopia in Almere is slowly changing into an agroforestry experience, opening next year April on the occasion of the Floriade 2022. Curator Xavier San Giorgi shows how he doubles nature and grows food by regenerating 1,4 hectare of land in the centre of this Dutch city of 200.000 inhabitants. The Floriade is the Dutch…

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Per Espen Stoknes on Tomorrow’s Economy

The Double Nature Talk of psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes Wednesday April 7 will be soon published on our YouTubeChannel. Going beyond the usual pro-growth versus anti-growth debate, Stoknes calls for healthy growth. Stoknes shows that we already have the tools to achieve healthy growth, but our success depends on transformations in scaling innovations,…

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Interface on its way to become climate positive

Embodied beauty is what Interface calls its carpet tiles which store more CO2 than ever before. This global flooring company creates interior spaces with a positive impact on people and planet. How does Interface double nature and when is the company going to be climate positive? The recording of our online Double Nature Talk by…

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Insetting with PUR Projet

PUR Projet is a worldwide pioneer in the development of insetting with nature based solutions. This breakthrough approach generates multiple benefits for a company and the ecosystems it depends on. It works to transform climate action from a niche activity to an industry standard. PUR project empowers local communities to operate long-term socio-environmental projects and helps companies strengthen their…

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Budget neutraal naar een Nederland met 50% natuur

Doubling Nature in the Netherlands is doable by combining more issues in the same time: the lack of housing, the lack of successors in farming, the loss of biodiversity, the excesses of nitrogen and CO2, the need to retain water and the need for nature in a very densely populated country. We’re delighted two Dutchmen…


Double Nature Talk about Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics is a groundbreaking new economic story that unleashes a lot of positive energy around the world and spurs people into transformative action. Three questions are central in this Double Nature Talk: how come Doughnut Economics inspires so many people? How does it relate to Climate Cleanup and the idea of Double Nature? And…