Input for European Commission carbon removal certification framework
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Input for European Commission carbon removal certification framework

In December 2021, the European Commission adopted the Communication “Sustainable Carbon Cycles” which sets out an action plan on how to develop sustainable solutions to increase carbon removals. Climate Cleanup with ecosystem partners ASN Bank, Gideon Building Tribes and others advised the Commission on this carbon removal certification framework. This advise can be found here….

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Second global conference on enhanced weathering

More and more scientists all over the world are doing research on all kinds of possibilities of CO2 removal by olivine and other minerals. We’ve organized on May 12, 1.30 PM – 17.30 PM CEST the second global conference to create an overview of the research and to bring the network together. An informal bespoke scientific…

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Festive masterclass on climate solutions

Thanks everyone for joining our festive online masterclass on May 26 on scalable climate solutions like seaweed, soil, regenerative (agro)forestry, circulair biobased materials, ONCRA and enhanced weathering. Take a look at the recording on our YouTubeChannel. Happy we had Paul Hawken (Drawdown / Regeneration), Damon Gameau (filmmaker 2040 Join the Regeneration),  Matthea de Jong

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CO2 Open is open

It’s no joke. Today we launch, in public beta, CO2 Open. An open invitation to entrepreneurs (companies, organisations) and initiatives that remove CO2 with nature-inspired methods to come together. Our first collective action is to secure funding from the Dutch government (SDE++, klimaat enveloppe). Next we will open up towards a global scale, as the…