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Climate Cleanup Foundation reverses global warming by removing carbon dioxide with natural methods. The 1500 Club enables the Foundation to clean up 1500 gigatons of CO2.

The 1500 Club is by and for investors, entrepreneurs, parents, children, and decision makers. By joining us you help to develop natural climate solutions, and you immediately become climate positive because we remove your carbon footprint.

Natural carbon removal can be done in three simple ways: by planting trees, growing seaweed, and using olivine. We are entrepreneurial pioneers who actually remove CO2 with nature through these methods. Together we build the new sector of natural carbon removal. And you can help.

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We have exponential impact because we develop business and enable the pioneers who work on natural carbon removal methods. We develop earthshots projects like seaweed sinking, and Green Beaches (see below). Furthermore we enable the sector by developing carbon accounting, policy tweaks, publicity, and investments in actual CO2 removal. We arrange for what is needed to make the natural carbon removal sector grow as fast as possible.


We need to clean up 1500 gigatons of CO2 to stop and reverse climate change. That is a lot, so we choose methods that are physically and economically scalable and strengthen nature. We work through interventions that support the sector’s growth in several connected ways.

In our first year of existence we accomplished:



In working towards the removal of 1500 gigatons CO2, we will next develop one systemic intervention (accounting process for carbon removal) and two earthot projects (on seaweed and olivine).

Doughnut Accounting for Carbon Removal. Climate Cleanup entrepeneurs all deal with the problem of how to measure and account for the tons of CO2 they remove – in a nature-inclusive way (doughnut-proof). Developing a doughnut-accounting method and standard that is simple, transparant and widely adopted will help thousands of entrepreneurs to close their business cases, because funders of all kinds then can quantify the positive climate impact of their donations and investments.

The Grand Atlantic Sargassum Cleanup. Removing CO2 and restoring nature through helping the Sargassum Bloom resume its natural carbon cycle. Goal: removing carbon and learning how to harvest and sink seaweed into the ocean, while strengthening and restoring sea life.

Green Beaches of the World. Using olivine sand to protect coastlines will at the same time de-acidify the oceans and clean up many tons of CO2. Partners: GreenSand, Project Vesta. Potential partners: RWS (Dutch government), Deltares, Nioz.

Quantified goals

Mt = megaton or a million tons. Gt = gigaton or 1000 megatons. A gigaton in weight can be pictured as an icecube measuring one by one by one km. Global yearly human CO2 emissions are about 40Gt. Removing 1500Gt while stopping emissions in 2050 will restore the natural carbon balance (see our Plan).

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Harm Edens, Maurits Groen, Sven Jense, Ruud Koornstra, Eelco Leemans, Peter Lindeman, Pedram Muurlink, Ruurd Priester, Marcel Schuttelaar, Roy Straver, Linda Vosjan, Joost Wouters, Eddy Wijnker


P.S. Gift action! When you give away a membership to a friend, you both receive a copy of Drawdown – The Most Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming (in Dutch or English).

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