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Will you be part of 1500 people who take responsibility for restoring nature and removing 1500 gigatons of CO– plus immediately be climate positive?

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The 1500 Club is by and for investors, entrepreneurs, parents, children, and decision makers who are determined to reverse climate change by removing 1500 gigatons of COand regenerating nature.

By joining us you immediately become climate positive. We offset your (average) emissions with a vengeance: we also actively remove CO2 and develop the business of removal to scale up as soon as possible.

How do we do this? By developing earthshots (bold business development up to proof of concept), policy tweaks, publicity, and investments in actual CO2 removal.


We have exponential impact because we enable the pioneers who develop scalable natural carbon removal methods. Examples? Think trees, seaweed, or olivine (green beaches of the world). You enable our Foundation’s team to be as independent and entrepeneurial as possible, as if our lives depend upon it.

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Actual Impact

We need to clean up 1500 gigatons of CO2 to stop and reverse climate change. That is a lot, so we only choose methods that are physically and economically scalable. We develop ambitious earthshot projects that enable distributed scaling.

In our first year of existence we accompished among other things:

  • Removal of 40 tons CO2 with olivine
  • 15+ Climate Cleanup entrepeneurs united
  • Opening of Cleanup Solutions Lab with Port of Amsterdam
  • Develop seaweed-to-biochar prototype with Utrecht University
  • +1 million people informed through media outreach
  • Established foundation with board and team
  • Organised two deep strategy weekends
  • publishing of Drawdown in Dutch
  • Establishement Drawdown Europe
  • Outline Olivine and Seaweed earthshot interventions
  • Donometer tool prototype to develop business within dougnut economy frame
  • Map leading narratives on climate solutions
  • And more

Your membership will enable

In working towards the removal of 1500 gigatons CO2, in the coming year we will develop two earthot projects (on seaweed and olivine) and one systemic intervention (accounting process for carbon removal). A brief outline:

  • Accounting for Carbon Removal. Climate Cleanup entrepeneurs all deal with the problem of how to measure and account the tons of CO2 they remove. Developing a method and standard that is both transparant and widely adopted will help hundreds of entrepreneurs to close their business cases, because funders of all kinds then can quantify the positive climate impact of their donations and investments.
  • The Grand Atlantic Sargassum Cleanup. Removing CO2 and restoring nature through helping the Sargassum Bloom resume its natural carbon cycle. Partners: The Seaweed Company, WWF, Port of Amsterdam. Goal: removing carbon and learning how to harvest and sink seaweed into the ocean, while strengthening and restoring sea life.
  • Green Beaches of the World. Using olivine sand to protect coastlines will at the same time de-acidify the oceans and clean up many tons of CO2. Partners: GreenSand, Project Vesta. Potential partners: RWS (Dutch government), Deltares, Nioz.

Quantified goals

mt = megaton or a million tons. GT = gigaton or 1000 megatons. A gigaton in weight can be pictured as an icecube measuring one by one by one km. Global yearly human CO2 emissions are about 40GT. Removing 1500GT while stopping emissions in 2050 will restore the natural carbon balance (see our Plan).

Benefits for members

  • Be part of the solution
  • Receive updates on our progress
  • Yearly networking meeting and updates
  • Priority position when raising capital for Cleanup Companies
  • Be climate postive: offset your emissions and invest in natural carbon removal

Climate Cleanup Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) so your membership fee is tax deductible. Yearly or five-yearly payment is possible. Please contact us for assistence and details.

As a bonus, you receive the Climate Cleanup Pin that gains you access to all our events.

The cost of reversing climate change and being climate positive starts at €30 per month. Think: gym club, but for a healthy earth. Join now!


Ruud Koornstra, Eddy Wijnker, Marcel Schuttelaar, Maurits Groen, Harm Edens, Pedram Muurlink, Eelco Leemans, Peter Lindeman, Linda Vosjan, Sven Jense


P.S. Christmas present action! As a member, when you give away a one-year membership to a friend, you both receive a copy of Drawdown – The Most Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming (in Dutch or English).

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Board of Non-Executive Directors
Ruud Koornstra
chairman of the board
Tim Flannery
scientific director
Executive Team
Sven Jense
founding director
Ruurd Priester
co-founder, strategist
Contributing Network
Ronald van Oijen
global investments
Naoufal Bouazza
seaweed pioneer
Wesley Pannekoek
seaweed pioneer
Swen Karssen
seaweed pioneer
Dolf Mol
business accelerator
Maya van der Steenhoven
energy transition expert
Andy Dockett
design wizard
Annelies van Dijke
chief essayist
Ella de Rijke
mission control
Aren van Muijen
entrepreneur, author

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