Sprint 5: Pilot projects

A catalogue of certified carbon storage projects, providing detailed information on verified initiatives aimed at storing carbon dioxide in buildings.

Sacha Brons, Sprint & Intervention Lead
Hanny van Hout, Operations Lead
Tijn Tjoelker, Intervention Manager
Sven Jense, Sprint Lead

Amsterdam, April 26, 2024 Fifth sprint report

The catalogue

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Sprint 1: Ecosystem Formation

Frontrunners tackle the Construction Stored Carbon monetisation challenge

Sprint 2: Finance & Buyer side.

Harnessing a market perspective to develop reliable, high-integrity CSC credits

Sprint 3: Certification Protocol

Certification Protocol for the measurement of Net Carbon Removal Benefit

Sprint 4: Institutional Alignment

Inform and connect to the emerging policy field on three governmental levels

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Sacha Brons, Sprint & Intervention Lead