Construction Stored Carbon Credits Transition Finance

Financing the transition towards a carbon sink built environment

Enabling the construction industry to fulfil its climate potential

As part of the construction-stored carbon monetisation initiative, Climate Cleanup and partners are exploring how carbon stored in biobased construction materials could be monetised to provide transition finance for the construction industry. 

Enabling the monetisation of Construction Stored Carbon (CSC) in effective, fair and transparent ways could help overcome the green premium of biobased materials and projects. In doing so, we can catalyse the growth of the biobased construction sector needed to reach economies of scale. Bridging the green premium is one of the key solutions that propel the built environment from a carbon source to a carbon sink.

We believe that this transformation of our built environments is not only necessary, but possible. At least in the Netherlands, our goal is for the construction industry to be net zero in 2030 and climate-positive in the decades following. Our ultimate goal is for the global construction industry to be a net carbon remover, with the potential to store at least one gigaton of CO2 this century. 

Download a one-pager that summarises our strategy and approach to this intervention below.

A sprint-based approach

To accomplish the goal of providing transition finance for the construction industry & built environment, we utilise a sprint-based approach. Results and learnings from each sprint are published periodically in the ‘LifeLabs’ below, which function as diary entries for the intervention as a whole. Read more about our approach and timeline in the first Sprint LifeLab. 

Sprint 1: Ecosystem Formation

Frontrunners tackle the Construction Stored Carbon monetisation challenge

Sprint 2: Finance & Market

Harnessing a market perspective to develop reliable, high-integrity CSC credits

Sprint 3: Certification Protocol

Draft certification Protocol for the measurement of Net Carbon Removal Benefit

Sprint 4: Institutional Alignment

Inform and connect to the emerging policy field on three governmental levels

Sprint 5: Pilot Projects

Coming soon

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Sacha Brons, Intervention Lead