Carbon removal credits

Buy removal credits directly with companies removing carbon with nature. Climate Cleanup offers the world’s best natural carbon removal credits to the world’s best buyers. Apply to join as a remover and read more at


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Available carbon removal credits

Buy carbon removal credits directly with removers. Prices are including a 7% verification and certification fee, and excluding VAT (21% for buyers in The Netherlands, 0% in other countries). Ton-year accounting makes sure that the climate impact of each removal credit is equal over a 100 year timescale. Prices ensure actual climate impact and are based on the European emission market (ETS), cost of removal and the social-economic damage costs. Removers ultimately set the price.

How does it work?

Buy credits

Via Climate Cleanup you buy removal credits directly from the removers. One credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide removed. Contact information to the remover is found on the removal credit page.

Transparent fees

A transaction fee of 7% is paid to Climate Cleanup, a non-profit foundation, with every purchase. The transaction fee is included in the price and covers the verification, platform and transaction costs. VAT is excluded in the price.


Once the buying transaction is completed you will receive an order confirmation with your unique certificate ID’s and a login for the buyers zone, where all information and documents related to your purchase is stored.


Each transaction is recorded in the ONCRA ledger. This ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system and facilitates the transparent listing of information on certified projects.

The ONCRA framework is intended to facilitate carbon removers to sell their removal credits to buyers who want to help remove CO2 from the air or sea, by reducing the cost threshold and expanding the scope of removal pathways. The ONCRA fee structure, without upfront costs for the Remover, lowers the threshold for carbon market entry. This way, we facilitate the growth of new removal companies and strategies in line with what the climate crisis needs.

Read more about ONCRA and its Guidelines at


ONCRA Removal Credits are sold at prices that effectively cover the cost of carbon removal, with a premium for research, development and innovation (RD&I). Removers set their own prices. The current ETS price, the socio-economic damage costs and actual removal expenses are the basis for our advisory price point.