Double Nature Day Recap –Double Nature Summit 2023

On the final day of the Double Nature Summit – May 25 – we gathered in Amsterdam with entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists, policy makers, civil servants, funders, people with indigenous perspectives, NGOs, and civil society to weave all the insights together. We explored the idea of humanity as a keystone species in a stewarding role, equipping fisherman to become seaweed farmers as a strategy for distributed scaling, critically reflecting on colonial structures and reclaiming our indigeneity, storytelling for regeneration, finding purpose in regenerative work and leading from that place, and blended finance approaches for innovative regenerative approaches. 

Questions arose such as: What can we learn from our indigenous ancestors about relating to the planet and how we view ourselves as part of a system way bigger than us? How can we set up our work so that we can find funding for the whole process of regeneration over a time scale of one generation (20 years) and for the social, democratic, inspirational, cultural, ecological returns as well? What are practical ways to build trust and communication among stakeholders so we can meaningfully use and care for the commons?

Find the recordings, art, articles and photos here! And if you didn’t join yet, please do so, the sooner the better.