Double Nature Summit

Planning for regeneration and natural
carbon restoration at scale
May 22-25, 2023

Co-organized by

Let’s build a regenerative economy – Together with fellow entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, and scientists!

We have the chance to build a regenerative economy — a partnership with nature to remove carbon from the atmosphere while living in fairly distributed abundance within planetary boundaries. To accomplish this, we must start now and innovate together across sectors.

Regenerative Entrepreneurs

If you dedicate your life’s work to regeneration, expect to:

  • Join the pioneers. Discuss regenerative methods and find relevant research.
  • Connect with investors, pitch your ideas, and build partnerships with the people you need.
  • Co-create your business’s regulatory environment with policymakers.
Investors & Businesses

If you want to make a real impact on the world, expect to:

  • Discover regeneration and impact investment opportunities. Determine where investment is needed.
  • Discover ways to make your business more regenerative by learning from pioneers.
  • Know how a regenerative economy will affect your business and stay relevant by being an early mover.

If you serve the public good by balancing diverse stakeholders then expect to:

  • Learn about the holistic benefits of regenerative practices and how policies can promote them.
  • Discuss regenerative economy transition challenges and strategies to overcome them.
  • Engage in cross-sectoral dialogue and build networks to collaborate and implement regenerative policies at local, regional, and national levels.

If you create the evidence base for the transition, expect to:

  • Keep up with the most recent research in your field and understand what research is needed to foster practical application in regeneration.
  • Connect with scientists and practitioners to foster interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Help apply your findings in business practice and policy decisions.


Preliminary day programmes are updated regularly. Sign up for updates here.

On the Constructions Focus Day, we will discuss and accelerate the Material Transition in construction, based on the principles of Regeneration and Carbon Design.
This day will be held in Dutch.

10:00 Walk in, welcome

10:30 Plenary opening, introduction to Regeneration, Carbon Design, and the Gideon philosophy, mission and vision

11:00 What is being done already?
Global Warming Potential (GWP) legislation (Gideon)
Creating biobased value chains (Building Balance)
Construction Stored Carbon (Climate Cleanup)
Other projects in three Carbon Design categories

12:30 Lunch + ‘Walk in the Park’

14:00 Collective action & co-creation to accelerate existing initiatives across:
1. Prevention (don’t build)
2. Retain value (re-use)
3. Create value (biobased construction)

16:00 Plenary closing

17:00 Borrel & walk-in dinner guests

18:30 Gideons networking dinner

09:30 Ferry from Den Helder

10:00 Welcome at NIOZ

10:20 Introduction by NIOZ and Eelco Leemans (Climate Cleanup) 

10:35 Keynote Gert Jan Reichart: ocean systems and regeneration

10:55 Input scientists and pioneers: seagrass, mangroves, seaweed, intertidal marshes, oyster beds & coral reefs

13:00 Lunch 

14:15 Keynote (tbd)

14:45 Focus groups: moving ocean regeneration forward

17:00 Drinks

17:00 – 18:00 – 19:00 Ferry to Den Helder

Location: NIOZ, Texel. Address and route
We are grateful for NIOZ to provide their great location at Texel for Ocean Day. Note: conference contributions are not used to cover location costs, but only to cover catering and other organisational expenses.

For the focus day on land our topic is: It starts with the soil, so let’s dig deep!
The detailed program will follow soon.

This day will be held in Dutch.

08:30 Doors Open

09:00 Opening, Intro by Deltares

09:30 Mineralization in marine environments
– the state of mineralization in marine environments
– 15 min scientific keynotes
– coffee break

13:00 Lunch

14:15 Mineralization in terrestrial environments
– the state of mineralization in terrestrial environments
– 15 min scientific keynotes

17:30 Closing, Drinks

08:30 Doors Open

09:00 Welcome by Climate Cleanup, arriving into the day

09:30 Keynote Lyla June (online) (tbc)

10:00 Sector insights from the 4 domain specific days: the state of regeneration in land, ocean, rock weathering and bio based constructions.

10:40 Understanding challenges and leverage points to grow a regenerative society

11:10 Workshops: skills for regenerative enterprise

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Actshops: collaborating on actual enterprise. Moving forward by connecting and mobilizing networks. Including open space for tête-à-tête.

16:30 Launching “Pathways to Double Nature plan” & Mycelium network

16:50 Closing

17:00 Drinks, Borrel

22-24 May: Four Domains – Deep Dive

Four domain-specific days will be held at different locations, each focusing on a different aspect of regeneration and natural carbon re-storation: land, ocean, rock, and construction. We will gather around construction-stored carbon on May 22, around the regeneration of oceans on May 23, and the land regeneration and rock-stored carbon conferences will be held on May 24. Please note that land day and construction day will be held in Dutch.

We will discuss the most recent practices and scientific findings. We will delve deep into the potential of regeneration and natural carbon removal and ask: What business cases can we base ourselves on? What are the main barriers to scaling across the value chain, and how can we address them collectively? Insights from these days will feed into the integration day.

Whether you are a pioneer, scientist, specialized investor, or simply interested in one of these fields, come join!

25 May: Integration Connection & Action

On the 25th, we bring all four domains together to work on common challenges and synergies. For this day, we especially invite investors, policymakers, businesses, and NGOs to join us and take a broader view together.

We will explore the crucial question of how we can contribute to a regenerative economy from our specific position in the ecosystem. What opportunities arise with the regenerative economy, and how can I use them?

Get a comprehensive overview of the state of the regenerative economy with reports from sector-specific conferences and keynotes. Gain skills and knowledge in in-depth workshops focused on your role in the system and work towards implementation in act-shops. Connect and network with your fellow regenerators – pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and all the other change agents.

Some of the issues we’ll be looking into

What are the main barriers to scaling Nature-Based Solutions? What leverage points can we find and use?
What do funders need to invest in Nature Based Solutions safely?
What is the potential for regeneration in a globalized world?
How might we regenerate our planet while producing enough food and other products for everyone to cover human needs?
How can we align with living system principles in everything we do?
How do we prevent greenwashing?
What role can impact investment play in bringing the regenerative economy forward?
How can governance step up to contribute to regeneration?
What research would unlock the next steps toward a regenerative economy?
How can we make our business circular and regenerative?
How do we double nature to restore 1500 Gt of CO2 from the atmosphere and oceans?

Conference Tickets

Please note, this is a not for profit event. Prices just cover costs for catering, locations and organising. Climate Cleanup Foundation is grateful to the members and partners who enable and co-create this conference.

We don’t want the ticket price to hinder anyone. This is why the (strongly) reduced price applies to pioneers and students in the emerging regenerative economy. We can provide scholarships, so if you can’t afford the ticket but know you’d be valuable on the field, please contact us for a discount using the form below.

We love your input!

We believe conferences should be designed for and with participants!

So we are curious:

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  • What would be of most value to you?
  • What is your main problem/barrier?
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