Climate Cleanup
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Festive masterclass on climate solutions

Join our festive masterclass on May 26 on scalable climate solutions like seaweed, soil, regenerative (agro)forestry, circulair biobased materials, Onsets and enhanced weathering. And the power of the sun, as an almost endless source of clean energy. Happy to have Paul Hawken (Drawdown / Regeneration), Damon Gameau (filmmaker 2040 Join the Regeneration),  Matthea de Jong (Warming Up), Roos Koornstra (filmmaker Paradise on Earth), Eelco Leemans (Blue Carbon), Charlotte Hopmans (Treemendo), Roy Straver (Drawdown Europe), Janneke Leenaars (Interface), Joost Wouters (The Seaweed Company), Felipe Villela (reNature), Jeroen Loots (ASN bank), Eric Matzner (Project Vesta/Enhanced Weathering) and Ruud Koornstra (Dutch National Energy Commissioner) in our masterclass. They will share their knowledge and experiences on ecosystem restoration, carbon removal, business models, clean energy, doubling nature and regeneration and inspire everyone to join. Members of the 1500 club (1500 people removing 1500 gigaton of CO2 by doubling nature) can join for free. Become a member here. Or register here for 1500 cents. Journalists please send an email to With this masterclass we celebrate the one year anniversary of the 1500 club. Together with many many others we create the new nature economy this decade and regenerate the world.  
Climate Cleanup | 5 May, 2021