Climate Cleanup Foundation is an independent non-profit, established by entrepreneurs who actually take down CO2 from the oceans and the atmosphere. We drive the circular bio-based economy by harvesting its basic resource: carbon. Our mission is to reverse climate change by restoring the global carbon balance.

Photo by Kyle Ellefson

What we do

The Foundation nurtures the plan and curates the coalition of Climate Cleanup companies and funders. We make sure we all operate potentially at scale, have solid business cases, and always operate within the doughnut; in other words, work integrated and strengthening nature.


How we do it

We start with entrepreneurs, because they know from experience what should be done. To build a booming sector we organise funding and world-class communication. We operate agile and lightly, in targeted partnerships and temporary teams creating focused interventions (like publishing Drawdown or specific communication). To maintain our independence we accept donations. We think big and act boldly, but always keep our work grounded in science, and in contact with everything that lives.



Our work is based on solid science. Tim Flannery’s work is a major inspiration, and we are honored to work with Tim as our non-executive scientific director.

Documentary featuring Tim Flannery, focusing on seaweed as climate solution.

Paul Hawken’s seminal Project Drawdown is another inspiration. For the first time in history, Paul and a global team of scientists made a quantitative scenario analysis of the top 100 systemic climate solutions. For this reason we teamed up with Maurits Groen to translate the book Drawdown and establish a Dutch Drawdown hub, in close collaboration with the global Drawdown network.

Kate Raworth provides our basic economic model: the doughnut. Her model of the Doughnut Economy integrates existing goals and indicators – the Sustainable Development Goals and the Planetary Boundaries – into a visual model. It is exactly the integrated, systemic thinking we need to find what Tim named ‘multi-potent solutions’: those solutions that not create other problems, but often solve many challenges at the same time. Seaweed farming, as an example, not only removes carbon but also creates food, reduces ocean acidification and has generally a positive effect on biodiversity.



We are legally supported and represented by a light-weight non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands (Stichting). Our board members are Ruud Koornstra (chairman), Laura Rooseboom (member), Ruurd Priester (treasurer), Pallas Agterberg (member) and Sven Jense (secretary). The board is not compensated for their work as board members. Currently our executive team is only compensated for direct expenses or on a per project basis.

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