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Full carbon credits biobased building

To reverse global warming, regenerate nature and to navigate more money to natural climate solutions, we continued working on ONCRA, to the benefit of the global common (for you). Take a look at the beta version of this tool based on the doughnut model of Kate Raworth and the global sustainable development goals. It shows the values created by natural climate solutions, like storing CO2, increasing biodiversity, decreasing deposition of nitrogen and wellbeing.  ONCRA biobased building works with open data sets and shows the positive impact of biobased materials. We’ve been cooperating for the last months with the province of South Holland, Holland Houtland, Nibe and around 20 other partners. Take a look at the tool and let tijn@climatecleanup.org know what your thoughts are. Subscribe to our newsletter on ONCRA biobased building here. Soon we’re going to start working on ONCRA regenerative agriculture.