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We are people reversing climate change. We draw down CO2 using natural climate solutions. We double nature and foster the fundamental conditions for the new nature economy.

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Join us on May 27

The 1500 Club will be launched on May 27 and you can still join. Harm Edens will host an online interactive talkshow with Ruud Koornstra and others, and we will have field reports from pioneering Climate Cleanup entrepreneurs.

Together we’ll watch the unique and uplifting climate solutions documentary 2040 – Join the Regeneration featuring Paul Hawken and Kate Raworth. The film for the first time in history shows us what our world might look like when climate and nature solutions have been implemented: a thriving new nature economy.



Climate Cleanup Foundation is an independent non-profit, established by entrepreneurs who actually take down CO2 from the oceans and the atmosphere.

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To build a blooming NatureTech sector we operate agile and lightly, in targeted partnerships and temporary teams creating systemic interventions.

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Nature Based Solutions

Natural methods can provide over 30% of the solution, but receive not even 3% of the funding.

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Sand / Minerals
New ship with olivine arrives in the Netherlands
Climate Cleanup | 14 Jul 2020
Recently a new ship with olivine has arrived at Wijk bij Duurstede in the Netherlands. Take a look at this video featuring entrepreneur Eddy Wijnker of greenSand and advisor and scientist Pol Knops. Thanks to Stefan Flos of H2video who made this olivine explainer (with English subtitles) Click here to watch.
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Climate Cleanup
Sargassum Cleanup – from plague to climate solution 
Climate Cleanup | 30 Jun 2020
Finally, the time was right to tell the world about our Sargassum Cleanup project. Seaweed is potentially a super scalable climate solution with incredible benefits. (more…)
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