Photo by Noah Buscher

Maximum impact

To build a blooming sector we operate agile and lightly, in targeted partnerships and temporary teams creating focused interventions. This enables us to operate swiftly and swimmingly while having a maximum impact toward our goal of restoring the carbon balance.

May 27

Launch of 1500 Club

Join our evening full of climate solutions and celebrations!


On May 27 we’ll launch our 1500 Club with an online interactive show with guests from all over the world. We’ll screen the uplifting movie 2040 Join the Regeneration. Our 1500 Club is a group of 1500 people who are actually working on sucking 1500 Gigaton of CO2 out of the air, or who are supporters of that goal.

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The Donometer connects Kate Raworth’s revolutionary doughnut economy model to Climate Cleanup ‘multi-potent’ value chains – and more.

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