Right between our ears

Right between our ears is an intervention that grows out of a collaboration with the Digital Society School at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Team Climacated

Team “Climacated” is a multi-disciplinary group of warriors who embarked on an adventure to bring some clarity to the complicated Climate Crisis debate. The mainstream narratives about our changing climate (e.g. the images of a lonely polar bear on the melting ice sheets) could be daunting and overwhelming, which often distracts people from the solutions we have at hand. So how should we navigate ourselves in the Climate Crisis debate and respond to this urgent topic?

Uncovering the common messages from the leading experts in the Climate Crisis

After analyzing speeches from a number of leading Climate Crisis experts, the research team was able to identify key patterns of advice which link their messages together. As they gained a deeper understanding of the complexity surrounding the topic, they refined their research purpose to focus on the “effective messages used by the experts in the Climate Crisis” that would encourage people to take positive action.

Right between your ears

Based on this research, they discovered that the answers are actually “right between our ears”. What does that mean? Visit rightbetweenourears.com to learn more, break free from the complex debate, and turn your negative emotions into positive actions in the face the Climate Crisis.

An impression during the showcase with the awesome community of Digital Society School in June. Our Nature Man was also there to remind us that the essential idea is to reconnect with nature.”

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Illustration: Valentina Todorova
Overall UX & Layout: Valentina Todorova & Linda Nißlbeck
Research done by: AJ Magee, Jessica Ciucci & Li-Hsin Chang
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