Option 1. Become a Club Member

Become a member of the 1500 Club for €30,- a month.

Membership fee starts at €30 a month. Less than a cup of coffee a day. You can cancel at any time. Take a look at other members who preceded you!

In case the the fee is a problem for you, please reach out to us with a brief motivation why you want to join as a member, and we will get back to you. Also, if you want to enable someone who can not afford a membership, please consider a Gold Membership. 

Option 2. Become a Gold Member

Become a Gold Member of the 1500 Club for at least €50,- per month.

Gold Members (€50/month or more) are strategic advisors and the first to be informed when Cleanup Companies raise capital.


Climate Cleanup Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) so your membership fee is tax deductible if you support for five years or more. Yearly or five-yearly payment is possible.


Tax Deduction

Dutch members can maximise their donation by becoming a member for a minimum of five years. Applicable tax regulations can be found here.


Of course we would love to communicate with you as a member. By joining you give us permission to contact you. If you don’t want this, we kindly request you to inform us here or through explicit comment in the message box above.


Members are by default listed on the member page: https://climatecleanup.org/people using a social media profile photo. If you want a different photo or do not want to be listed at all, please let us know.


An entrepreneurial spirit is central to our approach. While the sector of natural climate solutions is still in its infancy, we hope and expect it to grow swiftly. Within five years we want to reduce the membership fees towards zero and run our Foundation’s operations based on returns on investments in the new nature economy.