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Ambassadors support the network and ecosystem on our collective journey towards a regenerative economy and are offered networking opportunities and other benefits.

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Why become an Ambassador?

We are an independent Foundation continuously working to reverse climate change by drawing down carbon with nature. We do this by enabling entrepreneurs (farmers, builders, many others) to collaborate and to get paid, creating a new nature economy. Ambassadors support this ecosystem and are offered networking opportunities, knowledge and other benefits.

Our individual ambassadorship is €30 per month, or a reduced €10 if you don’t have the means. If this applies to you, please select €10 ‘Amount’ below. Your main role as an Ambassador is to provide seed finance for the foundation, to grow the ecosystem and to spread the word. Climate Cleanup Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) so your Ambassadors fee is tax deductible if you support for five years or more. Yearly or five-yearly payment is possible.

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Benefits for Ambassadors

  1. Free entrance to double nature summits
    Ambassadors get free entrance to double nature summits. The Summit brings together pioneers and innovators within the regenerative society, to connect the dots and collectively shape the new nature economy that restores 1500 gigaton by doubling nature. 
  1. Double nature lunch meetings
    We organize several events & meetings. Such as our lunch meetings with initiatives and organizations focusing on the regenerative economy. Ambassadors get access to the online streaming or can enroll themselves to the available seats in our office at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, being able to join the lunch for a small fee.
  1. Visits to innovator sites
    We run different systemic interventions at the time, from testing nature based fertilizers to entire carbon accounting systems. We organise yearly site visits, which is always inspiring. Plus, help is always welcome. This can be from helping with hands-on activities in our lab to writing websites. Whenever possible, you as an Ambassador are welcome to support our way towards the regenerative economy.
  1. Visibility in the Climate Cleanup network
    We put your name and picture on our website (please inform us if you do not want this), and inform you on networking opportunities. See
  1. Irregular newsletters
    In our newsletter we keep you updated on our Ambassadors and their activities as well as for updates on our systemic interventions and help we need from the network.

More information

Tax deduction

Dutch Ambassadors can maximise their donation by becoming an Ambassador for a minimum of five years. Applicable tax regulations can be found here.

Join as an organisation

Regenerative organisations (companies or others) can join as a corporate members. Before joining, your organisation will be subject to a due dilligence. At least you can not be part of the carbon underground 200. We do welcome organisations who have a solid and real sustainability strategy. Contact us.


Ambassadors are by default listed on the People page: using a social media profile photo. If you want a different photo or do not want to be listed at all, please let us know.

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