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Let regeneration fly

Not one single group can regenerate the planet on its own; we need to break down silos and collaborate across all kinds of networks to really reverse global warming this decade.

How to organize this? How to connect self-organized swarms of people all around the globe? Could this connection create the conditions for climate action to emerge by itself?

This will be the topic of our Double Nature Talk Wednesday April 28, 8 pm CEST, by Tijn Tjoelker.

Tijn, a young Dutch regenerator connected to the 1500 club of Climate Cleanup is on a mission to connect the worldwide Regeneration movement. Regeneration represents a new generation (of people of all ages) that comes together to reverse global warming by regenerating our social, ecological and economical systems. Regeneration is not only about creating a more sustainable future, it’s about creating a thriving and regenerative planet. Let regeneration fly!

This Double Nature Talk will be soon published on our YouTube Channel.