Documentary 2040

Join the Regeneration

2040 is the first documentary we know of that narrates and visualises a world after the climate and nature crisis – if and when we succeed. It is Drawdown, the movie, in many ways.

You can rent a subtitled copy in the Dutch language zone here. To watch the film in the Netherlands with a password, please click here (or scroll down all the way).

Imagine the world in 2040

To build a new economy we first must dare to dream. We need to create images of the world we want. That is why we partner with the world’s best science-based communication efforts. 2040 –  Join The Regeneration is the unique uplifting documentary film by Damon Gameau. The documentary featuring Paul Hawken (Project Drawdown) and Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) integrates the ideas in Drawdown and Doughnut Economics. The documentary uses existing and proven climate solutions to show what a regenerative future could look like – and positively activates the world into climate action.