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Input for European Commission carbon removal certification framework

In December 2021, the European Commission adopted the Communication “Sustainable Carbon Cycles” which sets out an action plan on how to develop sustainable solutions to increase carbon removals. Climate Cleanup with ecosystem partners ASN Bank, Gideon Building Tribes and others advised the Commission on this carbon removal certification framework. This advise can be found here.

Financial support for this paper has been provided by the over 250 independent members of Climate Cleanup 1500 Club, who enable the authors to work without financial or other interests in the emerging carbon removal sector, other than those of future human generations and other life on earth. We like to express our gratitude.

* Ecosystem partners: Gideon Building Tribes, ASN Bank, Project Vesta, Climate Foundation, BambooLogic, The Seaweed Company, Province of Gelderland, Province of South Holland, greenSand, Green Minerals, reNature, others.