This is a petition to ask your government to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, like the UK government did on May 1st 2019. We launched a Dutch petition on May 4th. Please feel free to use this text to petition your own government.

Photo by Gentrit Murati

inhabitants of the Netherlands

recognize that

  • climate change threatens our lives;
  • species are disappearing at an alarming rate;
  • action has been delayed much too long;
  • Dutch citizens and other inhabitants of the planet are threatened with extinction;
  • young people have been striking for months because they perceive these threats;
  • on 1 May of this year the United Kingdom declared a climate and ecological emergency;
  • during the state of emergency, all necessary steps must be taken to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the Netherlands to a net level of zero, and in doing so, a further burden should not be placed on less well-to-do Dutch residents;
  • by combining a rapid energy transition with large-scale restoration of the natural world, the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere will be immobilized, the further extinction of species will be prevented, and this beautiful world will be preserved and renewed;

and petition

our government to declare a nature emergency.


Dutch citizens may sign the petition here:

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