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Our story about Sargassum Cleanup

How to turn a huge problem into a climate solution? On January 13 2021 we presented an update on our Sargassum Cleanup project during our Double Nature Talk at 8 pm CET. Around 40 people attended.

In the last decade Sargassum Seaweed has become a plague in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. It destroys  all kinds of ecosystems like mangroves, seagrasses and corals. And it causes health and economical problems for people. We’re working on turning this disaster into a climate solution.

If you would like to read more? The Dutch Magazine Milieu just published an article on our project.

If you would like to receive our report, send an email to linda@climatecleanup.org

Take a look at the update of the project in June 2020 at our YouTube Channel.