We are a group of entrepreneurial people who consider CO2 a resource, work with nature and within the doughnut. To reverse global warming we implement scalable climate solutions that remove CO2 from air and water, by nurturing solid business ecosystems.

Photo by Sadman Sakib

Board of Non-Executive Directors
Ruud Koornstra
chairman of the board
Tim Flannery
scientific director
Executive Team
Sven Jense
founder & director
Ruurd Priester
co-founder, strategist
Ronald van Oijen
global investments
Contributing Network
Dolf Mol
business accelerator
Andy Dockett
design wizard
Yoram Krozer
global innovation
Ella de Rijke
mission control
Aren van Muijen
entrepreneur, author
Maya van der Steenhoven
energy transition expert
Annelies van Dijke
chief essayist