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Carbon removal via European Reforestation fields preventing desertification

  Land stored carbon
Photosynthesis     Portugal


Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: SCV-P-Q001-0121
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2022
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To order over 50 Credits, please contact us.

Reforestation is the climate friendliest way to sequester CO2, with high levels of CO2 sequestration and oxygen production. It rapidly sequesters carbon in biomass and the soil. Therefore reforestation is an ideal tool to attain the net-zero emissions goals and fit within the European Green Deal.

Reforestation creates water, holds water in the soil, prevents erosion and regenerates the soil. Trees only have to be planted once for the next 60 to 400 years. If we make sure some of these trees provide food and other benefits we can afford to maintain our role as caretakers of this land for generations.

Scave’s carbon strategy is based on the syntropic agroforestry. The soil of the Arvoterra sites has a high potential of storing carbon. The baseline data of the soil points out that at start it had a low amount of Carbon.

What makes this site unique is that on the Iberian peninsula there is a struggle going on against desertification and so far the desert is winning. We’re working every day to make our little part of the frontier against this process survive. Buying our carbon removal credits will allow us to scale and continue this work.

Who is removing the carbon ?
Scave.World ( B.V), with head office in Utrecht, The Netherlands

About the remover installs and operates Agroforestry and reforestation projects in Europe and sells the nuts, grains and legumes that come out of these systems. Worldwide nut consumption is increasing.


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