reGeneration is an energizing community of change-makers. We bridge the gap between climate awareness and climate action. Together we work on regenerative climate solutions—solutions that make life thrive as whole.

Together we create momentum

We can only do this together

Climate change might seem to big to solve. But if there is anything apparent from our stay on this planet, it is our power of collaboration that made us so influential. Walking on the moon, the internet, vaccins—none of these innovations are possible without collaboration. The same goes for reversing climate change: we can only do this by working together.

Together we work on regenerative solutions

This is why we create a supportive community for people who want to work on regenerative solutions—solutions that make life thrive as whole. Sustainability is not enough as it’s about making things 100% less bad. Do we want to live in a world that’s 100% less bad or neutral? Is this the inspiring future we all strive towards? We think we need a better story than that. A story about nature’s unique capability—regeneration.

Regeneration: a new paradigm to make life thrive

Regeneration occurs at many different levels in nature. Individual organisms, like earthworms and salamanders that magically regenerate whole body parts. Communities of microbes fully recovering from an antibiotics cure. Forests that completely regenerate themselves after fire. Soils that get better and better over time through regenerative practices.

All life is capable of regeneration. Even cultures. Creating a regenerative culture might be one of the biggest leverage points to create systems-change. This is because we think regeneration can source a new paradigm—the most powerful leverage point according to systems theory,

reGeneration strives after the regeneration of our whole planet. This is what needs to be done to make all life thrive. Regeneration is not just about sustaining life—it’s about making life thrive as a whole.

The Four Levels of Action

We all want to know how to make a difference when it comes to addressing global warming, and it can be confusing trying to figure out where our actions will have the greatest impact. In the video activist and environmental teacher Will Grant talks about Four Levels of Action for creating social change. Besides individual actions (level 1) and policy and economical changes (level 4) there are a lot of opportunities for actions with our friends and family (level 2), communities and local institutions (level 3).

1. The tools you need to make an impact

Everyone wants to make an positive impact and improve the world. But where to start? And what can we do to really change the system? With reGeneration we make sure we do as good as we can, because we can only solve our biggest problems when we unleash the potential of everyone.

2. Become part of our energizing community

To make life thrive and flourish, a supportive community is essential. reGeneration is a growing community that consists of changemakers that want to act, learn and grow together to work towards a regenerative and equitable world in which life can thrive.

Do you …

  • want to work together on systematic climate solutions?
  • have regenerative ideas that you want to share with others?
  • want to meet and collaborate with other inspring people?
  • love a good party
  • like getting your hands dirty?

Then join reGeneration!

Visit our online collaboration tool on Notion to explore what we’ve been doing and discover how you can contribute. You can help co-create this movement and become one of the founding members.