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We are a growing community of regenerative innovators—Regenerators. Together we use our head, heart and hands to reverse global warming by regenerating our social, ecological and economical systems.

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We focus on action and connection

An emerging climate movement

Regeneration is a climate movement that is spreading throughout the world. A movement that recognizes that climate, biodiversity, social justice, Indigenous rights, income inequality, political dysfunction are all connected. A movement that puts life at the center of every action and decision. A movement of systemic change, not symptomatic cures. 

Together we create momentum

Connecting the Dutch Regeneration community

Organizations, communities and individuals within the Netherlands are working on Regeneration in siloes. It’s our mission to identify and connect all these organisations and “Regenerators” in the Netherlands, to enable self-organization in a decentralized way. 

What we do


Connect Regenerators

We identify and connect the Dutch community of “Regenerators”.  They are not recognized as yet.

Hylo group | LinkedIn group

Aggregate tools

We delineate the most critical actions we (by agency) can do to prevent the climate crisis.

Climate action tools | Opportunities for regeneration


If we want the climate movement to become the biggest movement in human history, we need to create the “conditions” for self-organization.

Hylo platform

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Our vision

We envision not a world of less. Not a world of sacrifice. Not a world where you are going to have to enjoy less and suffer more.

We envision a world of more. More beauty. More joy. More love. More fulfilment. More play. More music. More dancing. More celebration. More connection. A world where life thrives as a whole.  

This is the world that emerges when we choose to collectively strive towards regeneration. Planetary regeneration creates livelihoods that bring life to people and people to life. It is work that links us to each other’s wellbeing, that provides those in poverty with purpose and meaning, worthy involvement with their community and children, a living wage, and a future of dignity and respect. In order to reverse global warming, we need to address current human needs, not an imagined future. 

To save the world, we need to make a world worth saving.

Our core values


We focus on positive action

We’re not here to complain or to make the world less bad. We’re here to contribute to a thriving planet.


We focus on connection

Building diverse relationships is at the core of everything we do. We connect on our similarities, learn through our differences.

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