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Connecting the Regeneration movement

The transition to a thriving, regenerative world will require unprecedented collaboration. Collaboration that transcends individuals, organizations and egos. The Regeneration Ecosystem connects all people, projects and partners that are co-creating a thriving, regenerative planet. For this we use social coordination platform Hylo, to grow our collective impact.

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About the platform

We use Hylo to connect our online ecosystem and grow our collective impact. Hylo is a social coordination platform designed to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our planet. Similar to actual ecosystems, Hylo nests groups within groups, making each individual group an integrated whole and—at the same time—part of larger whole. This makes Hylo the only platform that enables collaboration across networks. Furthermore, in contrast to other platforms, Hylo is relationship driven—not profit driven. As a Tech Commons, Hylo is forever open source and free to use.

Hylo Slide Deck | Hylo video demo | More about Hylo

About Regeneration

Regeneration is a movement that is spreading throughout the world. A movement that recognizes that climate, biodiversity, social justice, Indigenous rights, income inequality, political dysfunction are all connected. A movement that puts life at the center of every action and decision. A movement of systemic change, not symptomatic cures.

Why we exist

The climate crisis is a connection crisis. While relationships form the basis of healthy and resilient systems, we are collectively destroying the relationships between peoples and cultures, between human beings and nature, and within nature itself. This is causing forests, soils, oceans, communities, economies, and cultures to die. Disconnection is the root of the climate crisis and to reverse the planetary degeneration we need to reconnect to ourselves, to each other and to nature. By focusing on reconnection, our ecosystem contributes to the necessary action.

Who can join

Everyone who wants to co-create a thriving, regenerative future can join the Regeneration Ecosystem. Students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, researchers, parents and grandparents, everyone is very much welcome and very much needed.

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