Seaweed Scaling Lab opened in Port of Amsterdam

Our seaweed lab is growing and growing. We started growing Ulva Lactuca (sea lettuce) with one basin from Hortimare (thanks!) and we completed our lab with 6 basins this week. Together with the port of Amsterdam, we’re aiming to scale up the growth of seaweed in Dutch waters and abroad. The Climate Cleanup Capacity of seaweed is immense since it’s not competing with agricultural areas, it grows very fast and it absorbs CO2 up to 20 times faster than most land-plants, whilst not using any physical land, fresh water or fertilizers. The applications of seaweed are also amazingly diverse. Think of food (protein) for both man and animals, all kinds of materials, fermentation into green gas, biochar and soil-improvement. Eventually, even the Dutch use of natural gas could be replaced by seaweed gas.