The systemic advantages of seaweed cultivation are overwhelming. Seaweed offers food, feed for animals, feedstock for the biobased economy and for energy. It does not compete for fresh water or for agricultural land (no kidding!), and in general it increases biodiversity – other sealife – in places where it grows. Almost as a bonus, it sequesters CO2 about five times as fast as trees and land plants. A truly multi-potent climate solution.

Photo by Nikoline Arns


With about 9% of the oceans under cultivation, we can remove all of the excess carbon in our atmosphere, restoring pre-industrial levels (N’Yeurt et al 2012). Seaweed captures CO 2 this quickly because it grows fast (~ 5x as fast as land plants).

TED talk and documentary featuring Tim Flannery, our scientific advisor, focusing on seaweed as climate solution.


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