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Social Tipping Points to reverse climate change

When discussing climate change, the words tipping points are usually used to address physical phenomena. An international scientific team, led by Ilona Otto from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) shows that social tipping points also cause sudden and irreversible disruption of the status quo. Just like physical tipping points do. “Social tipping points are subdomains of the planetary socioeconomic system where the required disruptive change may take place and lead to a sufficiently fast reduction in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions” the team explains. In the Netherlands STPC, a coalition of people and organizations working on those social tipping points has seen daylight, and offered help to the Dutch governement to meet the Paris agreement. Initiator of this coalition Femke Sleegers was our guest at the 48 Double Nature Talk, June 30. Take a look at her Double Nature Talk on our YouTube Channel.