Sven Jense and Chad Frischmann in Dutch Parliament

Date: March 12, 2020


On the last day before Dutch Parliament was no longer accessible

for visitors because of the Corona Virus, Chad of Project Drawdown and Sven of Climate Cleanup had an one hour talk with the parliamentarian commission of Energy and Climate. We were very happy to have had the privilege to inform and inspire chairman Isabelle Diks (Groen Links), and members of parliament Matthijs Sienot (D66), Agnes Mulder (CDA), Lammert van Raan (Partij voor de Dieren) and Tom van der Lee (Groen Links). Next step is to invite the members to visit some of our carbon capture projects, but that has to wait until the Corona Virus isn’t such a threat anymore. In the meanwhile we continue to reverse the climate crisis by removing carbon and regenerating nature.