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Towards carbon drawdown in your region

Climate Cleanup as a co-founder of Drawdown Europe presented an update on Drawdown Europe during the online double nature talk with 1500 club member Roy Straver on Wednesday 18 November to find out what drawdown solutions exist and what you can do to support carbon drawdown in your region. To take a look at recording of this talk, send an email to linda@climatecleanup.org


Since 2014, Project Drawdown has become the world’s leading source of viable climate solutions. With more than 85 research fellows and 10.000+ hours of solution model development, the Drawdown models form the first integrated climate solutions modelling effort in the world. The solutions were first shared in the 2017 New York Times bestseller, Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. In 2019, Drawdown Europe was founded as a European research association that is regionalizing the Drawdown climate models and approach to the European context.

At Climate Cleanup we base our work on Drawdown’s findings.