Triple R

Triple R is for Reduce, Restore, Regenerate. We have set out to develop the life narrative: a practical strategy frame for leaders and directors of (large) organisations in times of climate change. The life narrative is the new paradigm underpinning tomorrow’s society: a regenerative, life-based economy. An economy that restores CO2 regenerates life.

Triple R for organisations

Restoring CO2 with nature stabilises climate change and is logically – with renewable energy – at the heart of the future economy and society. Only manufacturing and agricultural enterprises that embody this by always putting life central can remain relevant. Transitioning to a role in this new economy follows the cycle reduce-restore-regenerate. This approach restores the health the earth and of all the people involved in and around your organisation.

What do we want to achieve?

To describe and develop a fundamental consciousness and guidebook with avant garde people in leadership positions to facilitate and catalyse societies’ transition from an extractive to regenerative economy.

How do we want to grow it
  1. We are co-creating a consciousness framework and practical-strategic guide
  2. The guide will have the form of a in the form of a book, online hub and podcast series
  3. Sector-specific handbooks
Become an ambassador

We invite you for your experience, connection and support

Investment opportunity

For an investment € 12.500 you support Climate Cleanup Foundation, and your additional return will be:

  • A reflective and creative conversation with your leadership team
  • An in-house lecture “Leadership on Carbon Removal” for all who this may concern
  • Inventory advisory session on opportunities, current impact and basic regenerative visioning
  • 1000 kg CO2 stored in nature with reputation-safe onsets (carbon removal credits)
  • Part of network of forerunners in the regenerative economy
  • Ticket for Double Nature Conference 23, 24 and 25 May 2023
  • A membership of Climate Cleanup 1500 Club
  • 20 Regeneration books