Wanted: Communicator on Doubling Nature!

Do you want to make a positive difference to the future of people and our planet?

Climate Cleanup is an independent nonprofit organization that realizes scalable nature-based climate solutions that store carbon with nature(tech). Because to reverse the current climate, nitrogen and biodiversity crisis, humanity needs to restore the carbon balance in the atmosphere and oceans. Our Double Nature Plan with its systemic innovative actions does just that. We love life and are radically positive. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic Communications person, who wants to work together with an interdisciplinary team to double nature. We very much need your ideas, insights and actions!

Can you think strategically, work structured from a calendar but be flexible and entrepreneurial? We love to meet you!

Our communications and P.R. evolves around our entrepreneurial plan to double nature. Together with entrepreneurial people we pioneer systemic actions to enable carbon returning on land, in oceans, rocks and constructions. Our actions are very diverse and can have an international outreach. We also want you to execute the work together with the team.

Just a few examples: Just last month we held a four day summit to connect entrepreneurs, financers, scientists and policymakers on integrating the different ecosystems and make double nature solutions grow. We work on Sargassum (seaweed) innovation research and field projects for example to try and use Sargassum around Bonaire. Last year we translated the Regeneration book by Paul Hawken into Dutch, after translating Drawdown and arranging for a pan-european Drawdown research programme. We are still working on a metric and showcasing cases for bio based constructions. And together with seaweed farmers and land farmers we worked on innovative bio stimulants, made out of seaweed, to make soil and plants come back alive. These are just a few examples, usually we have a small dozen interventions in different stages that we work on.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and bilingual. Usually we communicate everything in English, but for this position you also need to speak Dutch. We try to communicate on all media and also produce our own content (posts, video, podcast etc.).

Your vast majority of the work will be on storytelling about Double Nature and Climate Cleanup, innovative ‘NatureTech’ entrepreneurs and our Double nature actions. You will be involved in yearly events and summits, and get emails out to our Ambassadors. Please rejuvenate our websites and very important work together with our fantastic partners and network and make sure they enjoy an optimized form of communication. If you like you can also work together with our colleague and PR agency on media relations.

A small list

  • Develop communication strategy on Double Nature Actions, Climate Cleanup and our members (ambassadors)
  • Create and maintain a calendar and ensure content distribution to internal and external channels.
  • Develop engaging storytelling editorial content that connects.
  • Execution of communications plans; alone, with team or external agencies.
  • Work closely with the team to publish regular content on all media (website, newsletters, social media).
  • Orchestrate the event strategy, involve target audience and work on partnerships

About You
We are looking for a passionate communications person with 0 to 100 years of experience. We all get paid the same fee as the Foundation’s income allows (currently just above minimum wage, intended to grow to the Dutch average), and we’re happy, independent and active. Our international network consists of fantastic cutting-edge people and organizations and we work at a beautiful sustainable culture hub of Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord.

Do you have a strong passion for nature, have excellent oral and written communications skills in English and Dutch? Do you want to use your voice to act and talk about Doubling Nature? Are you available for a minimum of 4 days a week, with at least 2 days a week physically in Amsterdam? Please send an email to Hanny van Hout (sustainable operations) hanny@climatecleanup.org with your info and Linkedin page.

About Climate Cleanup
Climate Cleanup, founded in Amsterdam in 2018, is an independent non-profit organization implementing scalable, nature-based climate solutions to restore the Earth’s carbon balance. By considering CO2 as a resource and removing it naturally from the atmosphere and oceans, Climate Cleanup works towards a regenerative economy in which individuals, businesses and governments function and prosper within the planet’s limits. The organization is co-funded by members – from young people to parents and entrepreneurs to investors – who rely on the power of natural solutions to reverse the climate crisis. Climate Cleanup’s goal is to remove 1,500 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere by doubling nature. www.climatecleanup.org