Climate Cleanup
Double Nature Talk

We are the mycelium

Which natural climate solutions are scalable? And how can we accelerate? Wednesday September 1 we kick off a new series of Double Nature Talks live at Tolhuistuin with this most pressing question. How will we remove 1500 gigaton by doubling nature? Mimicking nature, we consider our systemic interventions as mycelium inoculating a growth medium. We invited five innovative people to share their ‘inoculations’, following the four main scalable carbon removal strategies: soil, rock, ocean and construction. If you would like to join online or life in Tolhuistuin IJpromenade 2 Amsterdam? Please email The programme is:  Programme 1 September 20.00CEST, Tolhuistuin and Zoom 20.00 introduction (featuring Femke Sleegers and Social Tipping Point borrel) 20.10 Dr Sam Gandy – the role of psilocybin on nature connectedness and dealing with anxiety (TED talk here) 20.40 Joost Wouters – how seaweed revolutionises soil (!) carbon sequestration 20.45 Eelco Leemans – unlocking the potential of ocean solutions 20.50 Patrick Schreven – Ecoplus bouw, on construction stored carbon 20.55 Andy Dockett – Olivine and our new Climate solutions lab 21.00 break 21.05 All – How to grow these interventions as mycelium and what can you do? 21.40 End of Zoom session (Zoom guests are welcome to continue conversation) 21.45 drinks at Tolhuistuin    
Climate Cleanup | 27 Aug, 2021