What we do

We pioneer and support scalable natural climate solutions, like seaweed, agroforestry and rock weathering. We foster the fundamental conditions for distributed growth in the new nature economy. We imagine the world we want, connect and do.

Photo by: Faye Cornish

New nature economy

To contain the climate and nature crisis we need to both stop emissions and remove the excess carbon. Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) have the potential to remove at least 1500 gigaton, which restores the global carbon balance. NCS also restore nature, which is seriously in decline. Already in 2030, NCS can offer over 30% of the solution. They currently however receive under 3% of funds. We are changing that by developing a new sector, based on doughnut economics: the new nature economy.

How do we develop this new sector to reverse climate change? We do:

  1. pioneer scalable solutions like seaweed, olivine and agroforestry
  2. foster the fundamental conditions for distributed growth
  3. shape and share images of the new nature economy

A detailed plan can be found in our green paper.

Nature is great at fixing carbon. In the images above you see one year of carbon dioxide on our planet: in fall the plants on the Northern hemisphere (the largest landmass) let go of their leaves and the concentration increases, in spring the carbon is taken up again as plants and trees grow. The earth breathes. Source: Nasa.

1. Pioneer scalable solutions

We pioneer in seaweed, olivine and agroforestry solutions. We chose those because they are potentially scalable: they can still remove enough carbon to reverse climate change.

Read more on scalability

2. Fundamental conditions

By arranging for fundamental conditions, we enable a large and growing group of entrepreneurial people to develop their business, in holistic ways that take people and the planet into account. In creating these conditions we follow the principles of doughnut economics.

3. Imagination 

To build a new economy we first must dare to dream. We need to create images of the world we want. That is why we partner with the world’s best science-based communication efforts.


These are interventions that we have successfully completed or are no longer active.

Join The 1500 Club

The 1500 Club supports our work. We are 1500 people taking responsibility for the removal of 1500 gigaton of extra CO2 in our atmosphere, using natural climate solutions. The 1500 Club is by and for parents, entrepreneurs, investors, children, decision makers and anyone who wants to double nature and reverse climate change.