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How Paulownia trees double nature and sequester CO2

Eric Litjens is growing the fastest growing tree on earth – which also makes it the tree that is the fastest to sequester carbon. Join the 66th Double Nature Talk! Language: DUTCH

Former fruit tree grower Eric Litjens is removing carbon with Paulownia trees. At the Double Nature Lunch Talk on Tuesday 26 September, he will reveal all the secrets of this tree, which is native to China. They grow at lightning speed and can be harvested for timber or fibre within as little as 10 years. Once harvested, they grow back again from their roots. Eric sells carbon removal certificates for the extra CO2 stored in the soil and he is looking for people who also want to start planting. How does Eric prevents monoculture? And what role plays the Paulownia network? Please note this Double Nature Talk in in Dutch! Get your ticket here. Take a look at a great video here.